Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dewey's and Audrey

This is Audrey and Huntleigh at Dewey's Pizza. (Here is where I would put a link, but I think my blogger is messed up, so I can't do it.) Audrey is our fun and wonderful friend who coined the phrase "the Hunts," which has become our most affectionate term for the babe. You would never know Aud is a native of Nebraska (that's one of those fly-over states--somewhere in the middle, I think) because she's so chichi and is so "cultured, dah-ling." But seriously, she loves Huntleigh so well and hers is the face Hunts is so excited to see after nursery on Sunday morning because it means powdered donuts are just around the corner. Thanks, Audrey, for how you love our little family. We love you, too!

1 comment:

Audrey said...

sister...this brought tears to my eyes when I read through this...I DO LOVE OUR HUNTS!

comment from Glen: we're from EASTern nebraska! :-)

you are loved....!