Saturday, February 10, 2007

to B.A. and beyond

Josh and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Argentina the last week of January. We got to leave the babe with my mom and we took off to go, of all things, dove hunting. The dove population in Argentina is just out of control and they have managed to turn this problem into a tourist attraction for hunters who are willing to help cull the flock. We were crazy enough to make the journey and if numbers are worth anything, then I think it was well worth it all. I got 502 birds and Josh got 1,940. You will be pleased to know that at the end of the day, the guides pick up all our doves, take them to a nearby village for cleaning and then the dove breasts are given as a gift to orphanges to feed the children. I was glad to discover that what was for our pleasure became a means of providing for those who need it most. We were able to spend a day in Buenos Aires on either end of our time hunting in Cordoba. Here are some scenes from B.A.

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