Thursday, March 15, 2007

oh yeah.

I am having trouble posting pictures, so I will resort to writing for now. Here's a few random things I've been wanting to say:

Huntleigh is now 16 1/2 months old. Crazy.

She is really into "dipping" her food. It started with chicken nuggets and ketchup, but it has spread into all sorts of genres: waffles & syrup, waffles & yogurt, pizza & caesar salad dressing, grapes & ketchup, celmentines & ketchup...(the fruit kind of gets mixed in there with the chicken nuggets, but she doesn't seem to think it an oddity, so whatever floats her boat).

She says "cha" to let me know she would like some ketchup. I think there's a silent "p" at the end of "cha."

She is always quite anxious to get through the prayer to the food, but she does manage an "mmmm" or sometimes a "men" at the end of praying!

I have fed her chicken nuggets for every meal aside from breakfast for a month now. Please don't judge me, but it is the only thing I can get her to eat besides fruit. Thank you Tyson.

She says animal noises for a lion, tiger, bear (they are all a hearty "roar!"), elephant, owl, cow, dog, and duck, but if I ask her what a pig says, she moves her mouth as though she were going to say something, but nothing ever comes out. I've noticed that she does this as consistently as we go through the repertoire, so I am pretty sure that is what she believes a pig says. It's funnier if you are able to watch her do it. She does the same thing when we sing the alphabet song or "e-i-e-i-o" from "Old MacDonald," so I don't know if they are all filed away into the same learning period in her ever-expounding memory, or what it is.

She loves Dora the Explorer and whenever we watch an episode she does this circular dance before she settles into her chair. I think there's Latino influence in her dance steps.

Her newest thing is to answer "yeah" to any sort of question one may ask her. It's so sweet because she looks at you so intently and says "yeah," just like she's been saying it her whole life.

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danielle said...

too cute! i love to hear what she is doing. i might have to try chicken nuggets. eva won't eat a veggie to save her life, but she loves fruit and cheese. so i certainly won't be judging! we still need to get together soon.