Wednesday, May 23, 2007

strawberry morning

This morning we took a trip to Eckerts with Shannon, Alyssa, Kristen, Mary Ellen and all the kiddos. We were a big, sticky mess at the end and it was worth it. Thanks to Mary Ellen for saving us from taking 255 South all the way around Saint Louis!


dkillman said...

What a strawberry cutie!

we miss you guys, but hopefully we'll be coming up in September!

David and Sarah

blake said...

you girls are just so adorable. :)

so i'm stateside... and i'm thinking we should probably have a coffee date sometime soonish. :) i start my internship tomorrow. (so from now on, i'll be busy during the day.) but if you ever have any freetime after 4 (during the week) or sometime on the weekend, i would LOVE to catch up!

Shannon said...

Way to go on the posts. I had a feeling with Josh gone last night I might see some fun new stuff this morning. I jacked the pic of Lucy and Huntleigh- Love ya