Tuesday, July 31, 2007

daddy's shoes

Huntleigh's new favorite pastime: walking around in our shoes.


blake elizabeth said...

she's too adorable. :)

i've missed seeing you this summer! do you want to do coffee or something? i finish my internship tomorrow (woohoo!) and then i'll be out of town this weekend... but maybe sometime next week? i'll be in stl. for about 3 more weeks.

hope your sweet family is doing well. :)

Anonymous said...

Her Daddy couldn't be more proud!!

Shannon said...

lots of love to you! Miss you and can't wait to hang out. You should check out that website when it begins- it's really terrific! Sitting drinking Margarita's, life is good....

Anonymous said...

she is too adorable
thanks for sharing her and you & josh.

love to you 3+ and all the bakers in st louis

and prayers