Saturday, July 14, 2007

the sunflower fields

Raccoon Ranch has these amazing sunflower fields that are planted every year and somehow I have managed to not get a picture of us in them until just this year. You see, there is a very delicate science of planting them, having them grow to just the right height and everything and then killing them at the appropriate time to make them ready for Dove Season, which opens September 1. (The boys are just drooling right now.) Don't get me wrong. I love Dove Season, too, but I really love that I finally remembered to have my camera with me at the farm at the same time that the sunflowers were still alive and gloriously yellow instead of wilted and deathly brown. So kudos to me and thanks to Abby who stood on top of our car to capture about 50 pictures that look a lot like this one.

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Shannon said...

So amazing. I am quite impressed with your blogging lately. My camera isn't working anymore, I just ordered a new one on amazon- so I'll be on the blog train again soon- choo choo.