Friday, August 24, 2007

rainy friday afternoon activities

So, it's still way too hot in saint louis to do anything outside and then it rained most of the afternoon on friday. The thunder woke my babe up earlier than usual from her nap, and so we spent the time doing these fun things.
Reading Elmo books.

Mixing and baking Jiffy blueberry muffins.

Running from the paparazzi.


The Lloyds Five said...

Oh Sarah, Could Hutleigh be any cuter?? I love that pic. she is beautiful, she should be on that Jiffy box! Looks like a typical Lloyd rainy day! Looking forward to Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Can you post where you got Huntleigh's sweet little bracelets?? So cute! :) I'd love to get some like them.

Sarah said...

Ok, it's so fun to see her grow up and see you and Josh in her face! And love the red guest room - so fun and fresh! GOSH wish we lived closer!

Anonymous said...

I adore the picture of the little "baker" She is following in the tradition of her mom & Uncle Scott in making the Jiffy muffins. She looks very Betty Crockerish,with her bracelets and her dress.