Saturday, September 01, 2007

artillery couture

Yep. It's begun. We spent the weekend at Racoon Ranch just so that we could get away from our regular routine. We spent the time eating good food, relaxing, and hunting doves. I love hunting pictures with my pregnant belly. When I was pregnant with Huntleigh, I was much more preggers at this time of year, so the picture is funnier. But Josh's cousin was sweet to describe me as looking "artillery couture" with my fun camo clothes. I loved his description. The key to being cute in no matter what clothing you wear as you are becoming a fatty is the bella band. I have found it resourceful in the past couple of days. I got mine at Baby Style in Seattle when I was there this summer, but you can order it several places online. And I get my fun camo from Delia's.

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R & A said...


you are looking wonderful. i got some belly bands when i was pregnant and they were the best things i could have bought. kept me in my favorite jeans well into my pregnancy. definitely a top recommendation to new moms.

love rebecca