Monday, September 24, 2007


Now seriously. I know she is my own child, but she is just too cute. This is an excellent picture of her botchie, a.ka. a pacifier. I don't know where the term "botchie" started, but I know that my brother and I called them botchies and my cousins did, so it must have come from my mom's side somewhere. Huntleigh loves her botchie, and I have to be cheeky about hiding it so that she doesn't have it all day long. Otherwise, she would be a happy camper to keep it in her mouth and just talk right through it. The funny thing is, she is quite efficient at talking with it and I can pretty much translate everything she says even though it's in her mouth. This is me in 1978.


Scott Baker said...

Looks like you're smoking that botchee...what a rockstar!

The Lloyds Five said...

Sarah, Sooo cute!!