Saturday, September 29, 2007

mums for mum

These are the flowers I finally bought for my planters, which have been sitting empty on my porch since, oh....about April. I buy plants so that my mom can water them for me and keep them alive. Well, Josh waters them, too, but I really do think it is my mom who keeps them from dying. Are you glad I finally added color to my porch, mom?

The mums came with a grasshopper, which I saw when I was at Garden Heights, but apparently, he loved the plant so much, he held on until we got to our house.

"Oh really? A grasshopper?," she said.

"Hi Kaa-peer." (Translation: "Hi caterpillar." Because I guess grasshopper=caterpillar in her mind.)

Living in peace with each other. (You can see the grasshopper in the lefthand corner of the picture.)

I think I'm more interested in my apple.

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