Wednesday, October 03, 2007

in hiding

Usually, I try to go on a couple hunts with Josh each year at Three Forks. This year, because I'm preggers, I really need to take it easy because of oxygen flow to the baby (we're somewhere over 7000 feet). So because of me, Josh had this amazing opportunity to hunt one of the "sacred" areas on this is rarely touched. They drove us right up to the spot and set up this camp for us. It was crazy. We had this camo tent with big cushy chairs and tons of layers to keep us warm as the sun went down. The only bummer was, we only saw one elk, and he wasn't worth the shot. So it was a lot of effort for a lot of nothing. We did watch a bear race across the field at one point before the sun went down. That was wild. He did get his elk on the next hunt, though, when I wasn't there. It was a beautiful 5x5.

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