Saturday, October 13, 2007

Totally Hip Hagers

Every year we try to participate in the Autism Speaks walk in Forest Park to support our family. Josh's twin cousins were diagnosed with autism when they were two years old and they are now 12 going on 13. Our team is the Totally Hip Hagers and we're always the ones in the loudest tye-dyed shirts. It's a fun morning, even though this year the sun wasn't shining. Huntleigh hung on really tightly to Hannah and tried to get as many balloons from strangers as she could. I think the best part of the morning for her was when she got to sit in the awesomely large fire truck. She is fascinated with fire trucks. It's really cute.

Josh, Johnston and the Hunts. I think you can tell in this picture how she looks like a Hager.

Hunts in the ominous fire truck...which surprisingly, did not scare her at all.


scott said...

It still scares the poop out of me.

Shannon said...

I like the firetruck pic, she looks so tiny.