Friday, November 23, 2007

8 1/2 feet

Every year, Josh and I have the slightest argument about how big of a tree we are going to get. This year, when he asked me if we could get a smaller tree than last year, I just said "We'll see." I really don't think 8 1/2 feet is too much to ask, especially since you have to cut a bit off the top and the bottom to make it work with the tree stand and the star and all. Anyways, we spent the morning driving out to Washington to this place where we have traditionally gone for four years now (minus maybe one year?). It's a much longer drive than I remembered, especially when you stop at the Kolache Factory, Lamar's Donuts, Kohl's (where I paid a woman $10 to cut in line in front of her and she willingly accepted), the BP, and Wal-Mart in between and then make a wrong turn somewhere along the way. But we finally got out there with a very excited Huntleigh and found our tree in record time. I highly recommend this place. They grow beautiful Canaan Firs.

Josh and Huntleigh running out to the trees.

Me and the babe, modeling the tree for the camera.

My beautiful babe.

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Marlowe said...

First of all you kid is just too cute! I can't wait to meet the new one too! Umm... but i thnk that your drive to the tree place was the main reason i was so interested in leaving a note. Love the bribery! My one question about the drive and all the stops though is were most of them fo you or was it a group effort!??? Just a thoght! hehe! I'll see you around the neighborhood! Bubi!