Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have been away from my blog for one whole month. Most of you know this because you check everyday to see if I have updated. I'm sorry. So much has been going on. I know everyone is busy, but I have been so stinking busy.

We got back from Colorado and life was kind of out of sorts. Huntleigh's bedroom and the guest bedroom got painted while we were gone and then our painter switched all the furniture from one room to the other...per our request. So Huntleigh's new bedroom was beautifully painted, but disorganized and the guest bedroom was a beautiful new Poplar Green, but also disorganized. It took me until this past Tuesday to get everything back in order and hung up on the walls and cleaned up. I am in super-nesting mode, as Josh likes to say about me.

I have been to McDonalds at least five times since our trip to Colorado. I'm not sure what it is, but I have really been craving their double cheeseburgers and fountain coke. Huntleigh is now so accustomed to the drive-thru at McDonalds that she automatically says: "Chicken nuggets? Apples?" whenever we are near the golden arches. I'm really embarrassed about that.

I now weigh 143 pounds. This time I have really stopped thinking about how much weight I have gained and instead, I just like to compare myself to where I was in my pregnancy with Huntleigh. Oh yeah. I'm right on track to becoming a fatty.

I haven't watched my shows since the first week that they returned to television for the fall. I am so, so behind, so anyone who is a Grey's Anatomy fan, please do not talk to me about anything until I am caught up.

Due to the fact that I really like chronology, I have to post my pictures in order of when we did things. So, if you care, you might want to scroll down below from time to time to see if I've posted new-old things, you know? I'll try to stay on top of the blog this time.


Shannon said...

I'm shocked!

scott said...

Five times at Mickey D's since October 5th is weak... that crap is for amateurs. Please don't bug me with impotent numbers like that again. I'll post some real heat if you want someone to throw down the hammer like a pro!

Todd & Brandi said...

hey Sarah. I hope you remember me. It's Brandi, Rebecca's sister in law. Becky has your link on her page so I have been "reading up" on you guys. Congrats on the 2nd bday. Megan will be 6 next week.. just wait!
I am have a need to be chronological, so I thought you'd share with you, that when you are adding a new post, you can change the date!!! it's a little bitty link under the body section of the post called POST OPTIONS. you can even go back to any of your existing posts and get them in order if you decide.
Check us out, we are a link on Becky's site too. take care, and good luck w/that baby. Look forward to new baby pictures!