Sunday, November 04, 2007

Elmo fiesta

The birthday girl.

The birthday cake--made very specially by mommy and daddy. I am still so proud of this cake!

The birthday party.


kurtjuliannehalvorson said...

And she's back. :) Can't wait to talk...and hear how things have been. I promise I'll keep my mouth shut about Greys. We've been super busy around here too...lots to catch up on.

Looks like a fun b-day party! Happy BIRTHDAY Huntleigh!!! Great job on the Elmo looks awesome!

Shannon said...

That cake is great- nice job Sarah baker

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

soooooooooo glad you are back!!! like i'm one to talk right? missed all the photos and info. on the pregnancy. miss you!!

R & A said...

happy birthday Huntleigh. I realized after I left you a message on Friday that it was Hunt's BD after looking at my calendar. I cannot believe she is 2! I remember when she was here visiting--same age as Fin is now.
Your cake is fantastic and you are looking very well.
love rebecca


Way to go on that cake! Happy Birthday Huntleigh!

The Lloyds Five said...

Great job on the Elmo edible! I can not believe she is two!