Friday, November 16, 2007

the threat of famine

This is what my refrigerator looks like right now. There is so much food in it, it really is funny. Josh and I laughed at it for 10 minutes tonight. He had me crying, I thought it was so funny. (And then I dropped my nice camera off of the kitchen counter. That wasn't so funny. But it's all okay.) If you would like some yummy leftovers, please call me and come over for some meal, any meal. And I have cake hiding in my oven. I'm baking two quiches and monkey bread for breakfast. And I bought 6 pork tenderloins (that's about 9 pounds) for 10 people for dinner tomorrow night. And 8 cornish game hens for dinner on Sunday. And a 17 pound turkey for Thanksgiving. So seriously, we'll be eating leftovers until well after Thanksgiving. And.....I think this next week is where I am going to start gaining all that weight in my pregnancy.

Oh, and this stuff. I cannot get enough of it. It's all this baby wants. Seemingly, neither can Huntleigh. We go through this half gallon every day. It's crazy.


The Cochrans said...


Jason and I are with you on the Oberweis milk. It is the best thing we have ever had. When we buy it, it only last about 1 day in our house!

See you Tuesday.


Shannon said...

I heard raves about the pork- I need the recipe!

tacyjane beck said...

we have so much food too sarah. i am always hungry. the weird thing is, i make stephen hungry all the time and he eats almost as much as me, except the random bowls of cereal at night. i liked your phrase "pregnant sap." so perfect. i'm going to remember that.

Marlowe said...

your fridge looks exactly like mine! well....what it looked liek before we had close to 20 people over for thanksgiving. kBy the way i'm with you all the way on the thanksgiving bit it doe seem to be a lost holiday!