Saturday, December 01, 2007

33 1/2 weeks

I realize that it has been awhile since I posted an "official" picture of my belly growth. I went to the doctor this week and I found out that I had gained 9 pounds in 2 weeks. My nurse just declared: "Well you had a growth spurt!"

So yeah, I've been eating a lot of these. They're from Trader Joes. If you haven't gotten any of these yet, or if you can't get them in your city, you must have some. Let me know and I'll ship some to you. I'm serious. They are so, so good.



You look so cute! Yes, those Joe-Joe's are very good!

Sarah said...

You're all baby! Miss you guys!

lisa michelle loney said...

well, i don't know who the king's shepherd and sarah are, but i have to agree, you look beautiful. skinny skinny with a healthy, growing baby in your tum-tum. i've never had those cookies so i guess you'll have to send a box my way. have you ever had chocolate mint and creme cookies by 'back to nature'? they are addictive, as well.