Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

This was Christmas morning at the Hagers. My mother-in-law is a rockstar when it comes to gift-giving. She has the gifts piled in our own piles in a neat semi-circle around the tree and we each have wrapping paper that represents each one of us in our own unique way and then it somehow coordinates with our spouse's paper. And we open in order of birth, starting from youngest to oldest. So this year, Huntleigh was officially the first to open her gifts, and then Beka, then Abby and Scott, then Hannah and Zach, then Josh and me. This year my paper was a gorgeous black and white damask. I think the whole ordeal overwhelmed my sweet Huntleigh, but she was really very good and was content to observe others as they opened their gifts after about the fourth go-around.

Stockings with Pop.

Admiring B's creativity with gifts.

Sweet babe with her new bag.

Silly Uncle Zach.

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