Thursday, January 10, 2008

going home

My discharge day was supposed to be Friday of this week, but seriously, if I had to look at any more of that hospital mystery meat for one more meal, I think I might have jumped out of the window....and then we really would have had a problem. So my doctor cleared me and Lucy to leave and we were home by 4 pm. It's so much better to be in my own bed where I can sleep next to my husband and know that my daughters are next to me and in the next room. But two is going to be a challenge...especially while my body heals. No more mystery meat, though. And Josh treated me to sushi tonight in Clayton. That has to be worth all this exhaustion.


Anonymous said...

I glad you didn't jump the window!

danielle said...


congrats! you look beautiful. and lucy is adorable and looks just like josh and huntleigh. i love her name too. hope you all are doing well. i check your blog all the time for new pics.


Glad you were able to go home early....I thought you would have to be at the hospital for a while longer. We are done with Hebrew now, so I am available if you need anything! Please don't hesitate to ask!