Friday, January 25, 2008

you know you've really arrived in life when....

1. you listen to "Here Come the ABC's" by They Might Be Giants every time you get in your car. (It's actually pretty tolerable and enjoyable. I would highly recommend getting it. Josh and I love tracks 10 and 13.)
2. you are excited about getting a double stroller....on a Babies R Us.
3. you have a family date to go see Elmo Live.


Missy said...

1. We don't have the CD, but we definitely sing often.
2. Which one are you getting, cause Im looking into them and are very excited myself.
3. We had a date as a family of four to Elmo live last November! It is FUN!!!

The Lloyds Five said...


That is one of our Family Favorites!! We love they might be Giants. And now your even older!! :)

holly said...

They might be giants also has a fun weekly (free) podcast that gives a taste of the abc/123 songs.