Saturday, February 09, 2008

adjectives and adverbs

Being an English major and somewhat of a grammar nerd, I find it fascinating to listen to my child use language. She is really quite clever and funny. She is known to use words like "totally" and "probably" in many sentences...most times properly, but sometimes the adverbs are just thrown into the sentence in a random way. She'll say things like, "I go downstairs and have milk and then watch a show." And I'll say, "We'll see about the show." And she'll respond with a "Maybe watch show? Probably watch show," while continuing to nod her head, saying "Probably watch show," as though this will turn the maybe into a probably.

Other ways Huntleigh has used adverbs and adjectives this week:

"Mommy, that shirt is beautiful."

"Lucy is totally cute."

"Whoa! That's really brown!" (regarding her poop, which is her newest thing....identifying the color of her poop. sorry for that.)

"This is complicated." (where on earth did you learn that one, child?!)

And more, I'm sure, that I am just not remembering. My brain doesn't work as well, anymore, now that I am existing on less sleep. I am far less articulate and I can say that I honestly don't complete thoughts a lot of the time. Maybe someday in the future I'll get my brain back. Maybe. Probably. Until then, I can say that I am totally in love with my daughters. That I know for certain.



I am laughing hysterically about the poop thing!

Lindsey said...

haha... this is hilarious. my 2 yr old nephew pooped in the bathtub last week and then the 4 year old told my sister that he was "aprehensive about getting in the bathtub." where do they learn that stuff??

Anonymous said...

Hey,It was so fun to see your sweet girls at the Valentine glad you all were able to come.
Looking forward to hanging out more.
I'll call you soon.

Perret Party of Four said...

The language development and the things our kids say is one of the things that keeps me sane and laughing every day. Praise God for our little ones!