Sunday, February 17, 2008

Covenant Child

My little babe was baptized this past week. Huntleigh was baptized when she was about six weeks old, and it was important to me that Lucy be baptized at about the same age. There is nothing magical about the age at which a child is baptized, or nothing magical about baptism itself, but since Josh and I are in alignment with infant baptism, I put it on the calendar for February 17th, which made Lucy just shy of six weeks old. I think there are few things more beautiful than to watch your helpless child be ushered into the Covenant of such a loving Heavenly Father. And, to make it even more special and beautiful, to watch your own father hold that child in his arms and baptize her himself. Lucy's baptism was such a picture of God's covenantal faithfulness to our family. My father-in-law prayed such a tender and honest prayer for Josh and me and then my dad held Lucy and she cried for him as the water drenched her sweet little head. I cried too, but only out of thankfulness. Lord, please be faithful to the covenant you have made with us and our children. And may we be faithful to raise our children to know and love you as their Lord and Savior.

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