Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Balentime's Day!

This necklace was one of my "Balentime's" gifts to Huntleigh and she was so sweet to share it with Lucy. I guess Lucy got a kick out of it, because it made her smile really big! Huntleigh has been very thoughtful to want to "include" Lucy in everything...which means that I always have to keep a constant eye on the both of them, since I have found L, on occasion, smothered with a pillow in the living room or squealing as Huntleigh hugs her too tightly. And then there was the time that I walked into the room just as Hunts was trying to pick Lucy up. That would have been a flop. Quite literally.



Look at that precious smile!

Anonymous said...

Those little 2 yr. old acts of compassion are so sweet, and how do you say "stop" when all they are really trying to do is wipe the baby's mouth with a burp cloth (again, smothering) or tickle the baby (slapping) or give the baby a kiss (head butt).