Tuesday, February 19, 2008

just another Tuesday night

This was one of those nights where I decided to take pictures as we were being silly as a family. I know Josh has to tell me to put the camera down sometimes, but he didn't tell me on this night. And I'm glad, because these are just fun photos. (I love not having to feel guilty about "wasting" film. The SLR is one of the best things that ever happened to me.) That hour that Josh gets home is one of our favorites. There is nothing like daddy walking through the front door and he is very good about being willing to "love on us" as his girls. Everyone gets kisses and then Huntleigh gets to rough house with daddy. It's one of the best things to watch and the laughter is contagious. Tonight, though, we spent a lot of time jumping and flipping. Fun stuff.


Davina said...

Oh I LOVE the pictures and it makes me miss y'all even more!

The Lloyds Five said...

Sarah, I LOVE these pics. This is how our family is- when daddy comes home too!! I just love that time, The boys always rough house with daddy, and everyone is so happy. Your girls are so beautiful, they look so much like you! Praise God for little Lucy, I can't wait to see her. It is amazing how your little first born becomes such a big girl when you have a newborn. Love, Beth

Anonymous said...

You guys are sooooooo cute!!! love you so much!! It looks like Huntleigh was flying..


Anonymous said...

great shot of you and Hunts
so cute
love you all