Friday, February 01, 2008

snow skeptic

This was our little snow skeptic last week, after it had snowed eight or so inches in Saint Louis. I guess it is difficult to remember seeing snow and playing in it for the first time, but I suppose the concept might be a bit complicated for children. Huntleigh seemed apprehensive and so we thought it important to all go and play in the snow. We found an excellent mid-range hill on which to take her sledding and there were only a few other people around....which was probably less threatening than Art Hill (although, much less exciting as far as sledding goes). We kind of "bribed" Hunts to get on the sled with the reward of hot chocolate at the end of our playtime, and I think that was more exciting for her than anything. She ended up having fun enough, and Josh and I had tons of fun. I never thought I'd be on a sled four weeks after a c-section, but it was like I'd never even had surgery. Crazy.

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