Wednesday, March 12, 2008

big girl bed

So Huntleigh's big girl bed has been in her room since we switched the rooms earlier in the fall, but we wanted to be careful not to force her into it, especially with the baby coming and all. We thought that maybe simple exposure to it would encourage her into the bed at some point, and it really paid off. On Tuesday night, she laid down in her big girl bed and we nonchalantly suggested she sleep in it...and she took us up on the offer. She slept the whole night through. She didn't even try to get out. I mean, doesn't she know the freedom she could be exercising? I guess we haven't hit that stage yet. I did go upstairs, though, to find her wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses. We got the tricycle the next day as a reward for this milestone.

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danielle said...

hey sarah! i just read about huntleigh's big girl bed last night too! i check your blog all the time and i absolutely love your pictures. i love reading blogs that have nice pictures. the editing program i have been using is picnick (can't remember exactly how it's spelled), it's through flickr. i love it! it has a lot of free features or you can upgrade to do more. your girls are so beautiful. hope you are doing well with 2. lucy is so adorable and i think she looks so much like huntleigh. good to hear from you!