Wednesday, March 26, 2008

shades of Huntleigh

Please note that in order to wear the shades, they must be upside down.


the Halvorsons said...

Love love love those glasses. cute pics. i wish I could wear yellow sunglasses and look that cute. :) miss you guys!

danielle said...

love the sunglasses and LOVE the braids! too cute.

Audrey said...

of course, huntz would wear glasses with her own many other two year olds ever keep them on more than 10 seconds? we love a huntz

Anonymous said...

Love those pigtails!!!


Anonymous said...

I use to wear my kitty cat sunglasses just like that... crazy must run in the family :) what a character

- Abby

Anonymous said...

Hay Gramma
Good to see you with those beautiful little girls.
Love Hunts glasses and pig tails

love to all of you