Tuesday, April 01, 2008

out of the mouths of babes

Ever had one of those marital communication moments where you are most certain that you have expressed yourself perfectly, and yet, your spouse has not managed to hear you?! It goes something like this:

S: On the left. On the left! (Regarding the whereabouts of Huntleigh's shoes.)
J: Where?!
S: On the left, hon. [with slight exasperation]
J: I'm looking on the left, but there's nothing there.
S: On the left of the bench, babe. [increased exasperation]
J: Oh....Well, if you had just told me where in the first place, but you just kept repeating the same words, "On the left...on the left." [with matching exasperation]
S: That's because you didn't listen to me when I first said they were on the bench.
J: Well, repeating the same words wasn't helping anything.
S: That's because you didn't listen to me in the first place!
H: Mommy, Daddy! Mommy, Daddy! Do not be fus-ter-ated. Calm down!

J and S share a look and just laugh. Daddy kisses Huntleigh on the forehead and we all head out the door to our favorite cheeseburger house, The Fatted Calf.

Leave it to our two-year old, who was very clearly acting more mature than her 30-some year-old parents. We love you.


The Dukes said...

I had to comment because you used J&S, which just so happens to be the name of our business (www.jandscoffee.com) and also because we have this same issue in our house. It helps that now when I'm directing I use every descriptor possible in stream of consciousness until my husband finds the item; i.e. The brown shoes that are on the floor next to the bench that's to the left of the couch... I just keep talking and adding a new detail each time. Works like a charm and contributes to a "language-rich environment" for our one year olds!

The Lloyds Five said...


All I had to do in this illustration is change the letter's from S and J to B and P, and then, Elijah or Noah would proclaim "Speak in Love"!

the Halvorsons said...

I love how the little people so easily put things in perspective for us big people!!