Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Overall, our week was well spent with our sweet friend Sharon. I thought I might be able to show her that I was some perfect mom with a house that is always perfectly kept and we're always put together and orderly, but who am I kidding? I couldn't even pretend like that was true for 24 hours before my house was a disaster, my kids were out of sorts and there was spit-up all over my shirts. This is just my phase of life. Pretending is no good anyway. So the mail piled up, the trash overflowed and only some of the dishes got done about half of the time, but we were able to talk and connect in very real ways and love one another in and around the external messiness. And it was good. The timing was just right for both of us in very different but very important ways. Sharon was able to see our city that Josh and I love so dearly, and she was able to meet our children in person and love them with kisses and hugs that weren't sent electronically over 8,000 miles. (I must say that she might win the award for being my most faithful blog reader ever. She made so many references to my blog, it made me feel like a famous author.) Sharon, thank you for your visit. You are well loved in this household and we were so grateful to share life with you. Please grace our home with your presence again soon.

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