Thursday, May 08, 2008

hot shot(s)

Today we went to the doctor for Huntleigh's 30 month and Lucy's 4 month check ups. Two birds with one stone. It was awesome and overwhelming. To be in a small room for over an hour with your pediatrician, your busy 2 year old, your little baby and your mom....well, let's just say it was good to finally open the door and leave. I really wrestle with the whole immunization thing, as some of the shots seem so arbitrary to me and the manufacturing of the immunizations is really kind of sketchy...but I won't get into those details now. I really didn't want those needles touching my first babe and I still don't like the idea of my second babe having to go through the immunization process. But since I am way WAY behind with Huntleigh's shot schedule, today we caught up on a few of them and it was almost more than I could bear. I don't even remember the last time she had a shot and she certainly doesn't remember it. I was crying before the nurse even came into the room with her three shots today. Huntleigh just said so innocently to the nurse, "What are those?" mere moments before she pierced her precious arms with those horrible things. I was pretty much weeping when I scooped Huntleigh up to rescue her from the experience. If you're not a parent, you may think this is no big deal, but just you wait. I hate not being able to explain to my child why allowing her to be hurt like this now may actually be a healing thing for her in the future. And sweet Lucy...she uttered a sweet little cry and then that was it. She's my little trooper. Thank goodness for yummy medicine that makes us all feel all better. (For Huntleigh, that's strawberry Tylenol, for mommy, that's a margarita, and for Lucy, well, that's just a boob.)


danielle said...

i feel your "pain". i had to take eva to the ear, nose, and throat doctor and they had to clean her ears out and in order to do that they had to strap her entire body down on a table while she screamed for me the entire time. horrible! it's even worse when they can say "mommy!". huntleigh and lucy are so beautiful!

the Halvorsons said...

oh my goodness....i know! I just took Maren to the doctor today for her two month check up and shots. She was so happy and smiley without a clue of what's about to happen....then screaming bloody murder...and face goes completely red! and of course as soon as I pick her up the screaming stops.

after going through katelyn's whole ordeal with her kidney, etc....i'm hardly even phased by routine shots. at least the nurses are really quick about it. nothing a little tylenol can't fix. :)

hope yall are doing well. miss you!! we need to get together!!!!

Doug and Lori said...

Your medicine comment made me crack up laughing!

The Lloyds Five said...

Feeling your pain dear sweet sister! You have been in my thoughts I am praying for you. We have our big check up soon too! Ellie has not had any of her shots either. (the one's you can get away with) I love the last line in your blogging! So true!