Sunday, June 15, 2008

10 things that make him a Dream Dad

[All stolen from my Cookie magazine.]

1. Can identify both Kit and Kirsten in an American Girl-doll lineup. (These days are coming, Josh, just you wait.)

2. Is not afraid to wipe a poopy bottom.

3. Knows how to install a carseat.

4. Never asks you, as you're getting dressed, if you've "lost all the baby weight yet."

5. Never adds, "for a mom" after "you look great."

6. Does not take it (too) personally when his kids, for a time, like their mother more than him.

7. Does not gloat (too) overtly when his kids, for a time, like him more than their mother.

8. Knows there are few greater pleasures in life--after you've been home with the kids all day, unable to shower--than the evening cocktail.

9. Continues talking to you like a fully functioning, highly intelligent, independent human being, even when he comes home from work to find you weeping quietly into a bowl of strained peas, still dressed in your pajamas, caressing your breast pump, and asking to be reminded why you decided to have kids again.

10. Recognizes that, while parenting is never for one second easy and often makes both of you tired and edgy and wistful of your prekid days, it's the most rewarding, most life-affirming thing you will ever do in your lives.

Happy Father's Day, Josh. We love you. You're the best dad I know our girls could have.

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janet said...

So true (especially the one about not adding "for a mom"...)!!!! It made me laugh! :)