Monday, July 21, 2008

pop and b's house

We continued on to San Antonio, the small town in central Florida where Debbie grew up. She and Archie bought a second home there about a year ago, and we stayed with them so that we could see Josh's grandma and introduce her to Lucy. It was a very peaceful and relaxing evening.

This is downtown San Ann.

Archie and Debbie's chippendale fence that they made. Incredible.

I was struck by how much this picture of Debbie as a young girl has traces of Huntleigh in it. (She's the one on the left.)


Shannon said...

That bottom picture is wild- I thought is WAS Huntleigh

SAN said...

Yeah, that really is amazing! "Traces of Huntleigh" is an understatement! Glad you guys are enjoying your vacation. Drew and Jessi may be here during Homecoming. I'm sure the Halvorsons will. How about a trip back down to Chattanooga for a mini reunion???