Monday, July 14, 2008


Our friend Sharon decided to brave another trip through the mid-west on her way back to Hong Kong. She must really love us. Well, we really love her. We love her so much that we were glad to have her come on the heels of our two busiest weekends of the year. We may not have had a lot of energy to give her, but we love her and that's really all that matters. We had an awesome dinner at the Scottish Arms (get the cock-a-leekie pie), went swimming at a very cool pool (where Sharon stayed in the water longer than any other time in her life: a record made in StL!), another awesome dinner at Tortillarilla (best fish tacos in town: east on Fo Po Parkway, north on Euclid and then it's on your right), and a successful trip to the pediatrician where we learned that both the girls needed to go on amoxicillin. Sharon even said that my house is her favorite house in the United States. That made me feel pretty darn special. Come back often, friend. Hope you didn't catch that cold we all had.

Tortillarilla. Go there. Good food and a good price.

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janet said...

I think you have the cutest girls I've ever seen! :) Love Lucy's hat!!!