Friday, August 15, 2008


Ikea is one of those highlights of traveling up to the Chicagoland area. Um, or is it? I always think it is going to be this amazing experience and then after I've been in there for about 25 minutes I get overwhelmed and then bored and then claustrophobic. I know there are others out there that feel this way about Ikea. Since Hunts is potty-trained, she was able to go in the free childcare/play area, which was a first for her. Everyone was a stranger to her in the play area, but she went in like a pro, shy at first, but when I came back to pick her up, I watched her for a minute from the window and saw that she had made friends and was coloring with some of them. I was so proud of her. Lucy did pretty well in the cart. I think she's doing some interpretive Swedish hand dance about the origin of Ikea in this picture.

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