Saturday, August 16, 2008

north fairview

One of the best parts of going to Chicago is seeing my Uncle Chris and Aunt Carrie, my mom's younger sister. Their home is always a very familiar and relaxing place for us to be. (Their kids are Kevin and Lauren.) When we got to their house, my aunt had hidden Lauren's old American Girl dolls in the living room for Hunts to play with. There were two dolls sleeping in bunk beds and then in another room there was a plethora of other accessories and such that Huntleigh enjoyed for the afternoon. To my great surprise, my aunt said that she was giving it all to us and loaded our car up with the goodies as we left their house. Big score. I have put them in a place for safe keeping until Huntleigh is a little bit older, but I secretly play with them after she goes to sleep. I love both of these pictures of Hunts because you can see how much fun she had with Chris and Carrie. And you know Lucy...she was just chillin'.

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