Friday, August 15, 2008

road trip

Well, I've been berated (in the most loving and nice kind of way) to update the blog from several people. Once again, sorry that I have been too busy to provide you, faithful viewers, with some form of entertainment or excitement from a new rss feed. Seriously, though, I love you all. We girls took a road trip to Chicago last weekend and it set me back for almost a whole week. I guess it didn't help that my social calendar was all booked up for the week upon our return. So here I sit trying to get pictures to upload. For you. You know who you are. You across the ocean over there. Or you on that mountain where you can See Rock City. Or wherever.

I love Chicago. I spent years 3-10 of my life there in a suburb north of the city. We took a trip to see family and friends and have some Potbelly sandwiches. Let's just say that it's probably a good thing I didn't know how much work the weekend was going to be, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the trip. It was the first road trip we've taken since babe #1 got potty-trained and since babe #2 was born. As I was packing the car to leave, I just kept thinking, "You have got to be kidding me. This is so much stuff just for 48 hours." Really, though, I'm glad we went. It was good to see people and a fun experience. I'm always up for travel. Even when it seems like a crazy thing to do. My mom went with me, so I was not without adult help. Babe #1 did great. No accidents. We did have several stops, though. So what I thought would be a 4 1/2 hour trip became a 7 hour trip, maybe? There was that 2-hour detour at Ikea.

Poop break. If you have just potty-trained your kiddo, put one of these in your car. It's an incredible resource at times.


Michael and Mandy said...

Ha! It never occurred to me to actually pull the car over...

sarah said...

Sarah, I came across your blog from the Covenant blog sight. What a beautiful family you have!!!!
sarah (hinman) giampapa

lisa michelle loney said...

sarah! good to see some pics of your trip. love them.
let's go to storytime at borders this friday. please?