Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tuesday morning conversation

I got Hunts this cheap tracing and coloring book from Sams and she loves to work on it because it helps her draw shapes and trace lines and stuff. Well, the other morning, we brought it outside to work on while Lucy was taking her morning nap and Huntleigh said, "Wait a minute. I have to go get my fart gasses!" Sure enough, she came back outside with these fun sunglasses. "I will wear them, Mommy, because I'm really fart." Even though I know that Huntleigh has trouble with an S+ another consonant, there are times, like this, when I have to take a moment to translate it so I know what she's talking about. It's all contextual. Like furl=squirrel, fell=smell, sop=stop, Sott=Scott, fing=swing, fart=smart...you get the picture. And she knows exactly what she's saying, because when I repeat it in exactly the same way that she has said it to me, she'll "correct" me until I say it properly.

So I said to her, "Those are your fart gasses?"
To which she replied, "No! They're my fart gasses!!"
She's one fart cookie.


Janet said...

That is hilarious! And I love the pictures! :)

Alyssa said...

Oh my word!! I can't stop laughing!

lisa michelle loney said...


Lindsey said...

what a fun girl you have :-)

Hannah Wood said...

Those last two pictures are hysterical!!