Thursday, October 02, 2008

afternoon hunt

If you're not interested at all in the hunting stuff then you may as well skip this post, because it will bore you. I promise, I'll soon be getting back to pictures of my girls. I guess it's kind of weird that in the midst of all the pictures of my children I post pictures of camo and dead animals, but it is a part of my life and I've grown to love it because my husband loves it and we enjoy it together. Well, the camo is easy to love, because it's fun to make fashionable. The animals, though, they're another story. I'm not in love with hunting for big game, but I have gone on three elk hunts with Josh and Gabe (he's Josh's trusty guide) this year and they have been a lot of fun. It's an amazingly wild process to watch how it is all done. For an afternoon hunt, we go out at about 3:30 and hike halfway up a mountain to wait for the elk to come down to feed. The waiting process is quite long and kind of boring. But once the elk begin to bugle to one another it's fascinating. The male elks (bulls) bugle to let the females (cows) know where they are and to keep in touch with all the younger bulls who are overseeing the cows. It's like no sound I've ever's almost prehistoric. Even if there's no animal in the end, it's just incredible to be up in the mountain air.

Josh and Gabe, scoping out the opportunities.


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