Saturday, October 11, 2008

clumpies for kiddos

The trip would have been incomplete without some Clumpies ice cream and we were able to enjoy some with the cabin boys and their families. Hunts is here with Karsten & Katelyn and some of the Tucker boys. Huntleigh held her own playing with those boys. She would beat them up with this plastic sword and they would all call "Huntleigh! Huntleigh!" and she would run after them. It was hilarious. Thanks, Tuckers, for letting us take over your home for the night. Check out Rachel's stuff. She has begun sewing bags out of oilcloth....very smart and fun.

Katelyn. Karsten. Huntleigh. Myers. 

Davis. Lyndon: check out that awesome hair. All the babies and Bode were missing in action. 

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