Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Josh and I are in Colorado for a week and are enjoying the incredible weather. It's too gorgeous out here. I'll spare you the pictures of the animals this year...I always feel bad for my vegetarian and Democrat friends who read my blog and see my husband's dead animals. All the meat either goes home with us or to impoverished families in the Wyoming/Colorado area, I promise. Josh already got his mule deer and I am going along with him on his elk hunt this afternoon. The only thing I'm shooting at this year are sporting clays.


Kristen said...

Look at you in your cute boots, just laying out in the field. You could be a postcard! :)

danielle said...

gorgeous pics. i am insanely jealous. i don't even know if i'll show shaun, he'll be dying to be there, especially this time of year!

nate walker said...

Oh Sarah- what a great place! Those colors are beautiful, I love that pic of you lounging in the lawn (where's your wine?). Had a good time with your kiddos, trashed your house, but had a fun time (: Love ya and miss ya!


Doug and Lori said...

First of all, how fun!! Second of all, how beautiful!! Thirdly, great pics!!
Sounds so amazing! I am so glad you guys are getting to do this!
It was soooo great getting to catch up with you a little on Sunday Sarah. I do so miss you!
Love ya,