Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pho Grand

We had a little belated celebration with some friends who love Hunts oh-so-much. You can't go wrong with Pho Grand. Thanks Woitas and Hesses for loving our girls in a big way. We're excited to do some new "projeks."

Miss Kim and Karri with Lulu

Spring roll contemplation

the thinking face

looking at Audrey while we sang yet another birthday song to her

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danielle said...

I AM DYING FOR SOME VIETNAMESE FOOD!!!! especially Pho Grand! Aiken doesn't have any vietnamese restaurants and i would nearly give my first born for a spring roll and that amazing sauce you dip it into. and other food too. at least shaun is sane and says he wouldn't allow me to give up eva for food. but, he's not always around and these pregnancy cravings are strong! anyway, just thought i would tell you i'm jealous!