Thursday, December 25, 2008

for Margaret and Sharon

I did get two trees for Christmas this year, but I wasn't all that keen on decorating them. It was a very emotional season for me and I was glad that I even had the energy to put the trees up at all. I must admit that our upstairs tree stood naked for most of December until I finally put a strand of lights on it and a couple ornaments appeared on it at some point...probably because of Hunts. Anyway, my friend Sharon requested pictures of my house as it was decorated for Christmas, but I didn't have a good opportunity this year with the exception of these few. The sweater ornament is one of my favorites. Something about it is very comforting to me and I am love the color combination. It's bold and fun. I think I put it on my blog last year, too. The hearts that hung with our stockings are from my friend Margaret. These hearts were the most thoughtful and meaningful gift I think I have ever received. They are so beautiful in their simplicity because they remind me of the fact that the God I believe in is truly a God of restoration and reconciliation and He is the only Surgeon who can mend the brokenness of my heart. Margaret, thank you. These hearts will hang with our stockings every year for the Advent season. My friend Brooke wrote these words on her blog last year and I understand them this year more than ever: "I say this every year during advent, but josh once told me that advent reminds us that some tears don't get wiped away until heaven." Even so, Lord Jesus, quickly come.

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Doug and Lori said...

I have sure been thinking a lot about you my friend. And I have to say that that is a really good true.