Wednesday, January 28, 2009

chicago....when it's freezing cold

Yes. I am. Crazy, that is. A couple days after I landed back in StL, I hopped in the car with my good friend Shannon and drove to Chicago. Yes, we drove through that snow storm on Tuesday. Yes, we had an infant with us. Yes, I drove safely. It took us almost 8 hours to get there. (Now, that's crazy.) I know there are those out there who think I'm an aggressive driver. (Is that the word you use?) Shannon calls me a "confident" driver. I think my mom might use a different term. I got my driver's license in New York, remember, and that's where I learned to drive. I brought that with me to the Midwest. Anyway, I don't mind driving in snow. I prefer it to driving in heavy rain. We were safe. And I'm blogging because we're back here in the Lou.

We took a girls' trip and it was fun. It was really just a bit over 48 hours of time away, but it was great, nonetheless. Chicago is such an amazing city. It's even amazing in 12 degree weather. It's just a slightly bit more difficult to tolerate when you are walking everywhere. The sky cleared for us on Wednesday morning as we were walking down Michigan Avenue. We walked through Millennium Park and spent most of our time there taking pictures of ourselves in Cloud Gate. Just like every other tourist. But whatever. I'm partly from Chicago. Okay, well, the suburbs. Does that make me a tourist or a repatriate?

Cloud Gate

architecture sampling on Michigan Avenue

Shannon with baby Ada strapped in the Baby Bjorn


Anonymous said...

SARAH, so much fun to remember being your age-nothing to stop you.
love to all

Doug and Lori said...

How fun! Sounds like you girls had a great time- snow storm and all! :)