Saturday, January 31, 2009

mya turns three

This is our good little friend, Mya. Mya's mom is my good friend from college and they're living in Saint Louis for a few years. These are sweet times for Lisa and me, because we're able to watch our daughters grow up side by side in a (mostly) love (sometimes) hate relationship. (You know....they're three.) So we have a few more years of celebrating our kiddos' birthdays in the same city. Lisa did an excellent job planning a party with plenty of hands-on projects and a surprise visit from Cinderella who came to read the girls her story. I haven't really pushed the whole princess thing with Huntleigh, so I was kind of surprised that she was so enthralled with Cinderella. It was fun for me to see her that way. Happy Birthday, Mya. We love you!

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lisa michelle loney said...

i deleted that picture of me and the cupcakes from bryan's computer because i look like my uncle louie!
it was a fun time due in no small part to mya's sweet friends. love you, friend!