Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter (I'm way behind)

I have been meaning to get these on the blog for over a week, now. I don't know what happened to my blogging skills. Easter was a celebratory, whirlwind, family-filled day this year and I was thankful that it wasn't snowing because I really felt like looking springy on Easter. I have become a sucker for getting my children matching clothing-which always surprises Josh because it is so traditional. And I guess I would consider myself traditional with an edge, for whatever that is worth. All this said, I love it when H & L match. So, here are my girls sporting their beautiful cherry dresses.

tears for poppa
tears for poppa

my tomboy in a white dress
easter cherries

We had a good handful of friends and family over for dinner after having brunch with Josh's larger family, and the kiddos enjoyed an Easter egg hunt after the meal. Mya and Huntleigh really got into it. Lucy was content with her one egg. Huntleigh spent the rest of the evening organizing and sorting her candy. That's my child.
egg hunt


basket of plenty

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littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

your girls look sooo cute!! those are GREAT dresses. I've become a sucker too for the matching thing. If we have a boy, I think they'll match ALL the time b/c it's so easy. I really like the shot of the two of them in front of the window. They look like to sillys ready to have fun. Oh yes, and I love that hunts was organizing her eggs and candy. Where or where could she have gotten that? love you!!!