Sunday, June 21, 2009


One of our favorite things to do when we travel, as a family or individually, is to connect with people. In Hawaii, we were able to connect with old friends from high school and college. Josh and I both knew Julie (far left) from junior high and Josh went to high school with both Julie and Erin (far right) and then Josh and I went to college with Erin, where she and I became good friends. There's lots of overlap there and it was fun to visit friends with whom we both have a lot of history. How wild that they are both from Saint Louis and now they just live down the street from each other in Kailua. Look out how we've multiplied, too. And two of Erin's kiddos aren't even in the picture, so we're completely outnumbered. We had an excellent leisurely afternoon at John and Julie's house, reconnecting, hanging out on the beautiful beach in their backyard, eating great was perfect. Thanks to the Mosses for their warm hospitality.


(from left to right) Lucy, Jed, Nia, Hunts & Ethan

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at Buzz's for a little snack and "the best Mai Tai's on the island" according to my dad, who is the current expert on the Mai Tai, I suppose. That's if you like 3 shots of dark rum with a splash of Mai Tai mix. I had mine modified so it would taste more like juice. You can't tell from this picture, but Katie is holding our menu, which is printed on a heavy wooden paddle. Sometimes it's hard to get everything in the frame with the 50 mm lens. Good work looking cute, Katie.

We stopped at the Pali Lookout on the way home and I'm so glad we did because the view was incredible, and hard to capture with the 50 mm. But kudos to Katie for taking such a great photo!
the Pali Lookout


Marilyn said...

i could use a couple or more mai-tais :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the mai-tais--I had them add more fruit juice too. So glad you all got to reconnect in Hawaii--a beautiful place to visit. Joanie

camille said...

Beautiful family picture! I love Hawaii! Its so beautiful and relaxed there, isn't it? I love Lucy's black and white swim suit up above too...very cute!

livinginparadise said...

We had so much fun reconnecting you all too! It's so great when you have a friendship with someone that you can pick back up without feeling like there had been so much time in between.

Anonymous said...

Well, kudos to YOU for being a ridiculously good looking family!