Tuesday, June 02, 2009

we love the walkers

Over the past three years, we have grown really close to this family. Nate just graduated from Covenant Seminary and they are leaving us in just a few short weeks to go and plant a church in Bellingham, Washington....(which could hardly be farther away from us in the continental U.S.). There is a sweet friendship among our children, too, so we've been soaking up time with them before they go.


sweet friendship

cone heads

summer treats


Jenna said...

hey sarah!

had to stop by and see the girls. amazing pictures. the little ones are just adorable.

as always, your blog is a treat!

Shannon said...

the one of them holding Lucy is so sweet. i will truly miss you friend

Doug and Lori said...

These pictures are so adorable! Love all these kiddos! I know you will really miss them and Shannon when they leave!