Saturday, June 06, 2009

with the horse whisperer

My sister-in-law Hannah works at the stables of the Saint Louis Mounted Patrol and we took a little trip over to see her on Friday morning. Since Huntleigh overcame her fear of ponies, we thought it would be a great idea to warm her up to a little bit bigger version of a pony. Hunts did great after she warmed up.



Here she is actually laughing about feeding some grass to the horse. So cute.


Lucy, sporting the Nicole Richie look.

Zach joined us to bring in some reinforcements. (Huntleigh requested that he come, so we gave him a call while we were on our way over.)


Hannah and Lucy sharing a sweet moment. I'm so glad we went to see Hannah in her element. I mean, I'll be honest....even though I do have a dog, animals are not really my thing and horses are about as far down on the list as I can think. They totally freak me out. But I don't want my kids to see that because I want them to make their own choices about those kinds of things. When Huntleigh wasn't looking, I fed one of the horses a carrot and it scared me for a good five minutes. But I "faced my fears" too, and Hunts had a blast. I know no one more talented than Hannah when it comes to being around horses. Thanks for the tour, Hannah!
hannah & lulu

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Doug and Lori said...

Lucy looks so cute with those glasses on!