Sunday, August 30, 2009

august fun

We are seriously almost in September. Where has the summer gone?! It was fun while it lasted and the weather was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. Here's a small sum-up of what we've been doing:

Huntleigh participated in a week long music camp at our church and this was her last night during her special performance. Please notice her enthusiasm.
miss cooperative

We went peach picking with our good friend Audrey and her two nephews (Justin and Jesser jr) at a new little family farm in Illinois. Here Hunts is with Justin, discussing the "pickability" of the peaches. Yummy. Loved those fresh peaches.
justin and hunts
Audrey and Lucy, the handfed child.
aud and lucy

My mom saved some of her favorite outfits that I wore when I was little and I have dressed Lucy in the them from time to time. Here she is sporting a sweet dress with her Yia Yia.
lucy in vintage

My mom and I took the kiddos to the downtown Citygarden one beautiful morning. The Citygarden is one of those new treasures of Saint Louis which is free for everyone and especially fun for young kiddos. There's art to run amongst, water fountains and wading pools to splash around in, and plenty of people-watching for everyone. We had a great time. Bring a bathing suit. The girls loved the water most of all.

Huntleigh be nimble, Huntleigh be quick....


After the Citygarden, we took a little walk down memory lane and went to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch. It's a perfect restaurant for families. The girls loved it, especially the free spumoni ice cream after the meal.

Lucy, with her little face buried in the spumoni bowl.
spaghetti factory

I turned 32 a couple weeks ago and it was a fun week of celebration. This was one of those celebratory nights when I went out with a few girlfriends from my church. It's always a good time when there's chocolate and martinis involved. Or just chocolate martinis. Thanks to my friend Katie who put the whole evening together!

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