Tuesday, September 01, 2009


My first child has officially begun her life as a student. Now, I am pretty confident that 3K is not all that academically rigorous, but it's still school. And for an almost 4 year-old, it's an excellent time for learning and exploring. Josh and I really wanted Huntleigh to go to Central Christian School because we perceived their philosophy of education to be most in alignment with ours. We also are strong supporters of living within our community and we love that it is just about a mile from our house!

Here is Hunts speaking with Mrs. Heinemann, her most awesome teacher! We've heard that (for parents) it will not be unnatural to go through "Mrs. Heinemann withdrawals" after our year of 3K. She is an amazing lady!
mrs. heinemann

We took Huntleigh out to Cafe Manhattan later on that evening to celebrate her first day of school. Here she is really getting into her celebratory chocolate milkshake...
celebratory milkshake

...and even sharing some with Poppa. Impressive.

I think it is worth mentioning that the little child made it her first day to voluntarily put a tomato in her mouth, chew it up and swallow it. Notice my mom's hand covering her mouth in shock. Super impressive. Kudos to Lucy.

Love that smile. This child is a laughter factory.

Hunts and Poppa, beginning the learning process of tying shoes. Good thing we have a few years to work on that one....
tying shoes

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Jane said...

sometimes I cry when I see your sweet pics, especially when I see how lucky your girls are to have such wonderful grandparents! Jane